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West Virginia’s Finest Relaxation Destination


In the Appalachian region of Southern USA lies West Virginia, the 38th state in terms of population and one that is bordered by Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It is the home of The Greenbrier, a hotel and resort which was originally build in 1778. As can be read in SEO blogs and other online platforms, this premier hotel has been frequented over the years by a lot of world leaders including US presidents. I must say that this is quite the kind of real estate property that would be proud to build a website for.


West Virginia also prides herself in being the home to Weston State Hospital, a magnificent hospital in every right, but also one whose main building is not only the largest hand-cut sandstone building North America boasts of, but one that is only second to Kremlin, Moscow in the whole world. Hospitals are not everyone’s cup of tea but if time and money allows you, why not join one of the organized tours and go experience it for yourself. As long as you are not sick, we are fine. What would for example be sad is if in this age and time where we have fantastic fumigators like, anyone would be forced to go there after suffering from pest control related ailments.  

Away from that, for a state who many people probably know as a major coal producer, West Virginia offers a lot more. It is not only home to hardworking Americans either in formal employment or developing their business ambitions in partnership with support companies like, it is also home to  Lewis County a place which in our opinion is the best relaxation destination.


There is simply so much you can do and with an estimated population of around sixteen thousand people in 2014, Lewis County is cool personified! It could be just the environment that you need as you look to cool off away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If your need a little break away from your profession as a website builder, Lewis County is beckoning.

With the rolling mountains glancing in the distance and the peaceful waterways reflecting your shadows, this is just a perfect place to retreat to. A myriad of available activities include fishing, hunting, hiking, boating and golfing.


We invite you to come and experience the Mountain Lakes and perhaps appreciate why this place whose history is celebrated with festivals and fairs has the potential to be you all time get away destination. It does not matter whether you are alone or if you are having a family reunion with your extended family, there will be something to do. What’s even better, our accommodation options include campsites where you can simply pitch your tent and laugh the evening off as you watch the sun subsidize giving way to a moonlit sky. We also have cottages and cabins complete with kitchens.


Welcome to Lewis County, the pride of West Virginia.

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